questions and concerns after surgery

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Hello everyone,

Well I got my stitchs out on Monday 11 days after surgery. I have noticed that at the top at my butt crack I still have what feels to be a large lump. My surgeon says it is healing well, but I can't help but to think maybe it is infected. My husband thinks it could be the way my surgeon stitched me up.

At the top were the but crack is, the doctor sewed it under instead of over, and it seemed like he left it to were it could drain. I can't even expain it. All I know is that the cut was about 4 1/2 inchs and I only had 6 stitchs, they were spread wide out. Anyways, I am just scared about the lump I still feel, in the exact same place the cyst was. Actually the lump feels larger than what the cyst actually was. Do any of you still have a lump after surgery?

I also wanted to ask if any of you have felt a very dull pain in the tailbone after having the surgery. My tailbone seems to ache all the time, when sitting and standing. I still can't lift anything, I tried a couple of days ago and it gave me sharp pains. Now I am scared to lift anything.

thanks in advance
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