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Good morning all,

New to the forum so firstly hi everyone! :)

Back in March I had an op to remove my PS after living with it for about 5 years!

As part of the procedure they stitched it all after but after a few weeks the stiches came away so had to revert to having it packed daily by the nurse.

Within the last few weeks I have noticed the wound has been weeping/bleeding so went back to the doctors to be told it looks like its starting to come back (I always knew the chances of it happening again were quite high!)

My doctor has prescribed me with 2 lots of antibiotics to try and clear it up but I'm not hopeful (had a course a few weeks ago and it helped for a while but soon as they were out of my system it started to bleed etc again)

What doesn't help is that I work in an office (11 hours a day) so do spend a large proportion of my days sitting on it!

Would anyone recommend any cushions I could use that may help?

Are PS just something I may have to come to terms of living with?

I always thought that they were 'quite dangerous' to live with, with the chance of possibly getting sepsis if infection was to worsen?

I look forward to any help/advice anyone can offer.

Many thanks



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Dognut cushion like a toilet seat I find that puts not pressure in that area rather the pressure is on the legs