Recurrence 3 years after second operation!

Dan Jobson

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Hey guys - I'll keep it brief as we've all been here before, but I could really do with some advice...

  • June 2016 - Pilonidal Sinus identified, NHS operation, wound break-down, non-healing for over a year
  • July 2017 - Private operation (flap procedure), part of wound broke down shortly after, healed up by October, all good!
  • Dec 2018 - Minor breakdown which was healed with steroid cream and dressings
  • August 2020 to present - Small hole on old scar tissue identified, turned out to be a cavity which "burst" in December. Currently seeing nurse in GP weekly, having it packed with Flaminal Forte Gel (being packed daily by my very lucky wife). No pain but bleeds every morning when going to the loo, and the amount of Flaminal being put into the cavity fluctuates from 1-2mm. There are now 3 holes which connect to this cavity, but on the surface it all looks fine (albeit with three holes). No improvement in over a month now. Had antibiotics just in case, swab and bloods all came back fine.
Does anyone have any advice on how to heal this thing? I've tried every dressing under the sun, and desperately want to avoid more surgery!

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hi Dan,
I would try with the minimal invasive surgery .
It is great if you can find a good doctor.
Sinusectomie or Filac Laser is great and painless.