Seeking feedback about frequency and antibiotics


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I’m just looking for some feedback from folks who haven’t yet had a surgical removal of their cyst.

Background: I have a small cyst since about 2019, first “flared up” or became infected in late 2021 when it began to drain on its own. I took antibiotics and waited. 2 months later it began to drain again; another round of antibiotics and referral to surgeon. It’s filling/becoming infected about every 8 weeks. Surgeon drained the abscess the 3rd time it filled, and suggested, due to size of my sinus, he would drain it a few more times before recommending a more invasive surgical removal.

The guidance I’ve been given at this point is: if it starts to “flare up” or drain on its own, my options are to take round of antibiotics or have it surgically drained. I want to put off more invasive surgery until after the summer (I have young kids and I want to be able to swim with them this summer! Not a good time for a huge open wound). But I don’t love these options either - too much antibiotics or tending to the incision for three weeks. I’m a cautious person but would prefer to “watch and wait” to see if infection spreads before taking antibiotics out of abundance of caution.

My question is: anyone else out there have their cysts becoming full/infected this often? (Every 8 weeks or so) AND is everyone else really taking antibiotics EVERY TIME?

Anyone else in the “watch and wait” boat?

Really curious to hear from other folks who may be in similar situations and researching/exploring options prior to having surgical removal.