Severity of pain

Severity of pain

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I said mine was severe, because I went to the ER the night I couldn't take it anymore. This is the first PC I've had so I have nothing to compare it to. I'm also a big weenie, and I really haven't had too many things happen to me. However, if I had to choose between having a PC and having chondromalasia (chronic knee pain due to lack of cartlidge in the knee), I would take my chondromalasia any day. I used to think my knee was bad .. I don't know if it's a good thing that I have something to compare it to. Also, I don't have kids of my own, so I can't compare it to childbirth.


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all I have to say is that almost every nurse that I saw when I went to get it lanced apoligized when they saw what my problem was. It hurt a lot. I waited just a little to long to take care of it. DOH! [:^] :D


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I said that mine was barely noticeable or bothersome. What I mean by that is that it rarely bothers me in my day-to-day life, but I'm choosing to get it removed anyways (due to the smell and the occasional flare-ups.) The most pain I usually get from it is sitting down for a long period of time. It'll hurt a bit in my lower back, but I'll hardly notice it. Only once has it actually been excruciating, and that was a few months ago, when I wasn't able to touch my lower back without it hurting a lot.

Sorry to hear that a lot of you have had worse pain than I with these damned things.


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Hmmm.....compared to childbirth, I'd say more painful because I had a c-section and was up and climbing stairs a couple days later, where the pilonidal pain has lasted for almost 2 YEARS so far.
But compared to gallstones, it's a picnic! That is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy!!


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you know what I mean

I'd compare the pain to hot liquid metal searing my backside. I once melted my leg to the engine of a 3 wheeler and that tickled in comparison. I think if I lived long ago, before prescription pain meds, I might have killed myself. I can't even breathe without the pain when it's at it's worst. Thank you God for Vicodin and LAT.[:xx]


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I voted 'horrific' because I haven't experienced many extremely painful things in my lifetime, so compared to everything else, this has been Hell. I can't actually imagine anything being much worse anyway though.

Every time a nurse has seen my wound (after each operation so far) they have all told me it's 'a big one' or gasped, or pulled an expression to show their sympathy, so I'd say mine have been pretty bad.


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I can't belive how many people put "horrific"!:eek::eek::eek: Guess I'm truly blessed that mild is the only thing I've ever had to deal with. OMG my heart goes out to all of you. [o+o]


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I've never given birth. But currently suffer from a flare up. First lanced in '05. Worst pain ever! I think it's mainly about the location of the problem. The bum can be tender. I don't think it's meant to under go pain.


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Apparently I am in the minority. I have had little or no pain with my cyst. I am just glad I have been this lucky so far. I have no idea what to do. My surgeon wants to do the surgery and I am the opposite...


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my flareup was painful, but not excruciating...however, the lancing was the most painful thing i have ever gone through. Ive been a serious athlete and have experienced broken bones, cortizone shots in my feet, a torn arch, foot and mouth surgeries, and a car accidents... but even with demarhol and locals, the lancing was by far the worst.

i'm having open surgery in a month, so lord knows how i'll do with that.


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on behalf of my 17 yr. old son, I voted barely noticeable. He didn't even know he HAD a cyst till it had already lanced itself. Our first sign that anything was wrong was blood on the toilet paper. There was so little pain that when I asked him, after it had broken open, did it hurt before this? His reply was that every once in a while his lower back ached for a few minutes, then would disappear and that he never really paid attention to it. He has no idea how it broke itself open, as that part didn't hurt either.

He had an incision/curettage six weeks ago, which left him with a huge wound that needed packed, and the only part that hurt enough to mention was the packing changes, but even then he didn't need his pain meds.

Wow, reading all of your comments, I guess he's been a very lucky boy.

By the way, some of your comments comparisions were quite funny...thank you. I've found little to smile about in the last six weeks.[=(]


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I put 'horrific', as this is the only medical problem that has reduced me to tears on more than one occasion. And I think I have a high pain threshold!



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I voted barely noticeable, because the only flare up of sorts that I've had lasted about 36 hours tops with mild pain, and even then I only noticed the pain when I sat in positions that put pressure on it. From what I can figure I've had it for a few years, though never examined it and realized what it was till recently. I feel so lucky to not have a serious case, it really made me appreciate things a lil more knowing how bad I could have it. My heart goes out to everyone that has to deal with such horrible pain. [o+o]


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The worst pain I can imagine and constant.
My absolute worse post surgery pain was when they used tension stitches to hold bottom cheeks in place to stop wound area opening.


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I voted for give me the pills and my mommy.
I have broken bones, hyperextended my elbow, pulled torn and stretched everything in my knees, and get migraines. This was by far the worst.


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I've read a couple places that it's more painful than childbirth... I only had mine lanced, but none of the pain I experienced was as painful as childbirth. That said, it was excrutiating. It progressively got worse and worse. The first 3 or so days felt like a bruise. The next couple days were much worse and by the 5th and 6th day, I wanted to kill anyone who looked at me. I literally almost dove over the counter and killed the pharmacist who was dawdling with my pain meds. I am not a very testy person!


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I voted for horrific. I have had 6 operations in the past 6 years, and am soon to have my seventh, a Limberg Flap.

I can honestly say that I've never experienced anything that painful before, and I really hope I never will. My first op, the surgeon was just really not a nice man, and when he took the stitches out PULLED them out without even cutting them properly, whilst I screamed in agony and he commented 'oh, just wait til you have children'. The second was an open excision, and the hole was bigger than a fist, if you wanted to fit one in. Apparently you could hear me screaming down the corridor when they changed the dressings and I had panic attacks and nearly passed out. The third one was much the same. In fact, a few days after both of these surgeries I was lying on my side still, unable to sit up, and crying and shaking with the pain- it hurt to even breathe!

My last op, 6 weeks ago, the suggestion was made to do it under local anaesthetic and lance it. I flatly refused, and they quickly agreed!

I'm just terrified of my next operation and how painful that will be.... :(


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It didn't really start hurting too badly until about a year before I had the surgery (the infection was around for about 4 or 4 1/2 years). At that point I'd describe it as ranging from mild to severe. At times trying to sit down caused mild discomfort, other times any kind of thing quickly hitting that area caused a severe moment of pain.

The only time I'd consider the pain to have been anything near "horrific" was during the healing process when the doctor would need to cut the wound back open so it could heal properly. Numbing the area didn't seem to help too much, and as much as I tried to suck it up I do remember sometimes groaning as he did it and having my eyes tear up. I guess I didn't have the pain threshold that I thought I had.


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I voted excruciating, because the flare up itself was not the worst pain i had, i couldn't stand up straight or sit almost at all, but the lancing was the absolute worst. The doc gave me a local in a shot into the abscess, and that hurt and then lanced it 4 cm, then squeezed like heck, then flushed, then packed. It was so awful, and you know that local didn't work worth a crap cause of all the swelling. the nurse said once she saw it that it was the biggest one she had ever seen. It was about the size of a half tennis ball. The only humor we found in it all was that when it was packed for two days, I had a tag, LOL. it looked so much like a clothing tag, it was funny. I am so glad now that I had it lanced, but dang the pain!!!!!!!


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The pain I have experienced with this is the worst pain yet.[:^]

I dind't have this much pain when I threw my knee out in rugby as pilonidal throws at me.[:xx]