Sinus removed & left open. 9 months later Skin splitting, need advicee as loosing the will here.


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Hiya, I'm new to this site as only just found out it existed! Please excuse if I don't use the right terminology!
This is my story and I wondered if anyone could shed some light as to if it is normal or what could be the cause of my now problem.

Back in 2010 when I was 15 I had my first pilonidal sinus (abscess). This was drained and then packed for 3 months (was 2inch deep and 2x2" circumference), then I had another operation (appendix removed) and the surgeon deep cleansed the open wound due to no healing. 7 months later my then open wound was healed.

It never felt quite right after but carried on like as normal, I just noticed that I couldn't really sit down for long periods of time etc.

Fast forward to April 2016. I came down with Flu and a couple of days in I had to get my husband to have a look at my old and healed wound site as something didn't feel quite right, when he looked he said it looked red raw and slightly swollen (great another abscess!) I went to the nurse and they tried to get it down with antibiotics, but was told if the antibiotics did not work and it got an worse to go straight to A&E. Behold it didn't get better and in fact got worse that I couldn't even sit on my side. So we went to A&E with a letter from the doctor. When examined they said it was a large abscess and that they wanted to surgically remove it.
I got all prepped for surgery and right at the last minute the surgeons came round and explained they weren't happy to operate (as I was still full of flu) and after reading my notes they want to refer me to a specialist.
I was sent away with more painkillers and strong antibiotics to see how I went until I could get an appointment. For the next couple of months I could not get the abscess to go away no matter what medication I was prescribed.
Finally the date for my consultant came up and upon examination there seemed to be a 'tract' tunnelling down and it best to have the sinus removed to stop any further problems.

I had my surgery the beginning of June 2016, they removed the sinus and stitched it up. I was stitched from the top of my coccyx to my anus. I was shocked at this as my abscess only ever came upright at the top on my coccyx. I stayed 2 nights in hospital and was then sent home and advised the stitched to be removed 2 weeks later.
When home I had extreme pain from the wound site from day 5 post op and every time it was cleaned a liquid was pouring out and I would pass out from the pain. Was prescribed over the phone antibiotics until I was well enough to go an visit the GP. In the days from surgery to the visit to the GP I constantly felt dizzy and unwell.

I visited the surgery on the 8th Day as I couldn't even move without a burning knife sensation happening. The nurses and doctors had a look and 500mls and more of green liquid poured out. They said there is nothing they could do and I would need to go to A&E straight away and the doctor gave me a letter to hand in when I got to the hospital.
I could barely walk into the hospital and when I got there I was seen straight away. My blood pressure had dropped to 76/42 and I had an extremely high blood pressure. I was rushed straight through to the operating theatre and they re opened the wound site, removed the infection and left the wound open.
The wound site was 5.2" deep and 9"x3"

Now to today, I am still having daily packing with the nurse and have a open wound site but fairly small.

The problem I have is about half and inch down from my now wound the skin has split and started tunnelling deeper. and yesterday they have now discovered another split in the skin above the wound. I have been referred back to the consultant. But god knows how long that will take.

Can anyone shed some light as to why this is happening? It feels like there is constant tightness in the area and pain. Have also had cramps and pains in legs and back since operation, is this normal? Ive been reading about cleft lift, what is this?

Any help and advice or even tips on how to cope would be greatly received!

This is ruining my life now in so many ways, I just want to be back to normal.


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Just to add I have been using Medi Honey Ribbon for packing as no progress with any other dressings, have also got the Medi Honey Gel which was getting applied when needed.

Johnathan Irons

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See miss Senapati in Portsmouth. She's specialises in cleft lift and rectifying mistakes made by reckless surgeons who perform wide excision.


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Any updates? Have you had any results yet? What a horrible experience!
I agree you need to see a specialist pilonidal dr. If you haven't been able to see the above recommendation then look on the hall of fame.
Also we used equivalent of Aquacel gel ribbon for packing and topical antibiotic with steroid to help wound that would not close called Terra-Cortril. Good luck and I hope you are healing now.