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I had my pit picking procedure this morning. Here are a few before and after operation pics for those who are considering the surgery.





Hi, hope all is well!

I'm having this op done in two weeks and I am freaking out :( and was just wondering if you could answer some questions!

How many pits/sinuses did you have? What was the pain like during and after the op? Is there a lot of drainage post-op?

wishing you a speedy recovery!
Hey CFC,
I'm doing well and I'm on day 4 post op. Pain isn't so bad. I don't really have "pain" is just soreness around the area. Even when my husband changes the dressings, it's just tender but not really painful. Though I do take two Lortabs/Vicodin during the morning dressing changes and one at the evening changes. It's a little sore sometimes when I lift and turn to the other side when laying on my bed.

I think mine was a little more than a normal pit picking. My surgeon said I had only one pit but it was very deep and long (length of the incision is about 1.5-2 inches). So the incision is quite deep and I need to pack it for a few weeks. I had my first pilonidal cyst when was I 15 (in '99) and then it went dormant for 11 years. 2nd flare up was in 2010 and I've had yearly flare ups since then. So that might be why it went so deep. I've never had it lanced and drained, only took antibiotics when I've had flare ups and they drained on their own.

Pain post op wasn't bad (I was under general and completely out) so I didn't feel anything during surgery and almost nothing afterwards. I was able to sit for 30 mins on my tush cush pillow in the car on the way home from surgery. I didn't really have drainage. It bleed a little the first day and I just changed the outside dressing. 24 hour post op I went to my first follow up with my surgeon and he changed the inside dressing and showed my husband how to do it. It bleed a lot after I got home (I sat in the car for like an hour or so) and I changed the dressings as soon as we got home. But since then I haven't really had bad drainage. Just slight pinkish on the outside dressings. And I change my dressings twice a day. I also shower after my husband takes out all the dressings and he rinses the wound with just water.

I was really scared and anxious too but it will def. be ok. It's really not so bad at all. The scary part is that you don't know how the wound care will go afterwards. I had a bigger wound than I thought I would have but I'm glad my surgeon went in and got it all. *knock on wood* but I hope this is the first and last surgery I'll need for pilonidal disease. And it's so much better than having to go through an open wound excision. I don't think I (or my husband) could have handled that.

I'm looking at about 6-8 weeks for my wound to fully heal. Hopefully sooner since I'm drinking protein shakes. Just trying to take one day at a time! =)

Good luck with your surgery! I'll be sending you good thoughts!
Hey ellysparkles hows the recovery going so far? Your post seems to be one of the only detailed recovery posts for this procedure so i'll keep an eye on it as I'm undergoing this. you're 5 days post op right? hows it going discomfort wise now? has it really affected your day to day routine so far or is it business as usual?
Hope ur recovery goes well
KS95, it's going pretty well. I'm taking full advantage of my mom coming into town to help me. I have two kids (2 & almost 5) so I'm doing NOTHING but laying in bed and relaxing all day. She's only here for another 5 days so I want to let my body heal without any big movements. I'm not really in pain. Just tenderness and sore at the incision. There is some discomfort when I sit. I have to sit up very straight, sit at the edge of the chair, and put my weight on my lower butt/thighs. I've used the tush cush in the car and haven't had much pain or anything. The sucky part is that I had a more invasive pit picking so I do have to pack it for a few weeks. The only thing about my routine that changed is that I don't shower like I used to. I have really long hair so I wash my hair separately (in my kids shower/tub) so I don't get any hair near my rear end. I'm also on more of a liquidish diet (four protein shakes a day, lots of water, some wild caught salmon, and lots of organic fruit) so my bowel movements aren't that regular yet. That's the part that worries me the most (getting poop near my incision/wound). I also haven't lift my kids yet (30 & 50 lbs).

Let me know if you have any other questions. I'll see if my husband can take some newer pics after tonights dressing change.
Thanks for the pics, the wound is looking great and healthy and hopefully you should b all healed up soon :) I can see your wound looks fairly larger than ones on tutorials but I guess that's cos yours was deeper right?

I can imagine what the tenderness on the wound is like, but how would you describe the stitching? Is it like tight feeling or uncomfy? Has there been any blood or drainage coming from the stitchd part?

You're smart for utilising your mother whilst she's around lol I'm planning on doing the same thing haha! I've seen plenty of people here say they've felt fine a few days post op so go back to their normal lives, only to post back in a few weeks to say it's failed to heal! The trick is to take it easy for as long as possible in my opinion. Oh and to answer one of your q's on my other thread, I'm a uni student but I've scheduled time off to fully heal, and will just work from home when I feel up to it. I basically plan on babying this whole thing for a few weeks at the very least!

Thanks for the pics, and if it's not too much to ask keep posting more pics every now and then, it's extremely beneficial to me and others who're doing this :) take care
Yeah I think even though my surgeon called it pit picking, it was def. a more invasive version. Which sucks BUT I'd rather get it out in one shot then have a reoccurrence. IF I have a reoccurrence, I'll just get a cleft lift and be down with it.

I honestly don't feel the stitches. When I clench my butt cheeks, I feel soreness and feel like I have something there (the stitches) but not really. It's a bit hard to explain. There's not much tightness, maybe just a slight? This is the first time I've had outside stitches. I've had 2 c-sections but I've had staples and steri-strips for both.

That's great to hear that you'll have help! Even if yours isn't very invasive, it's good to relax and let your body heal. Look info some extra protein (powder for shakes). It's great for helping your body speed up the healing process. Eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies. I'm hoping the Paleo lifestyle I've had for the past year and a half will help to speed up the healing process because it's rough changing dressings everyday. Ok not really rough, but more annoying than anything. I feel really bad for my husband who has to see my wound twice a day. Seeing the pics, it ALMOST makes me not want to eat bacon or prosciutto...almost. haha

I'll try to keep up the pics, remind me if I'm lagging behind. I forget easily these days.
I've done a lot of research about vitamins/protein etc on here so I'll be sure to follow the listed tips! I'm concerned about the stitching cos I've never had anything like this done before lol, in fact I've only ever been to a hospital was 10 years ago when a relative was ill! But it's refreshing to hear that the discomfort isn't that bad.

Thanks for your help so far, I'll be sure to check back regularly to see how you're doing!
Ellysparkles, recovery going well? any noticeable improvements in the past week since your procedure? from the pics you posted earlier, it looks like a pretty large wound so it may take some time! When are your stitches being taken out? Hope all is well.
Yeah recovery is going well. I stopped taking my pain meds on Day 4. They make me too loopy, dizzy and drowsy so I decided to just stop.

DAY 7 (today) I do have a little more pain while dressing changes and in the shower. It's somewhat painful when I get my inside dressings taken out. [My husband only dips the tip in sterilized water (we boil it before and let it cool) so it's a little dry when it goes in. But when he takes it out he says that the dressing isn't dry but moist.] I think it's just b/c of my body healing that the gauze is sticking to me a little bit more. So I just deal with it. Another issue is now when he cleans the area out with water (in the shower), it stings. The inside of the wound doesn't really sting so I think it's the outside, where your outer skin is (if that makes sense). It is a bit painful but nothing to major. It goes away about 5-10 mins after my shower. I'm still sore when I sleep and I change side positions. I don't sleep on my back or stomach (pre op or post op). I've been doing well on my high protein diet. I get about 100+ grams of protein a day. So I hope that will speed up my recovery. Other than those two issues, I'm doing fairly well. Still sore, I expect that and will probably have soreness until the wound is healed up. In regards to my stitches, I was told that I would get them off in three weeks. I have my 2nd post op appointment with my surgeon on Wednesday this week. So if anything changes I'll keep you guys updated.
Day 9 - Had a follow up with my surgeon. Says everything is healing very nicely and to keep doing what we're doing. He changed the dressing and it hurt quite a bit b/c he was a bit rough. Going back in two weeks to get my stitches taken out.
Sounds great!

Quick enquiry about sitting. How comfortable are you sitting? are you using a coccyx cushion? It's just that i have a (potential) holiday planned 3 weeks after my operation which requires a 3hr flight and was wondering would I be able to do it? i mean, if you were to have a flight like that in two weeks time would you be able to do it? or too soon?

Hope recovery continues to go great for you!
In the car I still sit with a coccyx cushion but I haven't at the house or if we go out somewhere. When I sit w/o the cushion, I sit with a very straight back and on my thighs/butt bone. So I don't put any pressure on my wound. I just don't want to chance it healing wrong or putting any unneeded pressure on that area. I would def. recommend using your pillow if you want to sit more relaxed. I don' think sitting through a 3 hours flight would be bad at all after two weeks. I'm about 1.5 weeks out (w/ a more extensive pit picking) and I was able to sit in the car and then eat breakfast (about 2 hours total of sitting) today and I was ok. Just normal tenderness/soreness of having an open wound. I was a bit paranoid about bleeding or excessive fluid drainage after being out so long but I didn't have any when we got home. So I would think you'd have no problem on the flight. Just try to get up every once in a while and move around if you can. I would recommend wearing loose fitting pants. Something comfy w/ some give to them (sweatpants, track pants, leggings). I have yet to wear jeans (I only have tight skinny/legging jeans). Again, I'm paranoid about putting added pressure so I've been wearing leggings.
Day 9 Post Op pics - In the first pic there's some reddish water towards the end of the wound, it's just excess water from the cleaning in the shower. The wound has started to heal from the bottom up. The surgeon showed my husband that there's a pocket he has to clean with a cotton swab a bit lower. And that's what really hurt at my follow up with the dr. I think I also found out what the stinging pain came from when I got my midline wet, right above my stitches is a little cut. Don't know how I did that b/c I've been VERY careful with my movements and I haven't lifted any heavy things (including kiddos). But it doesn't sting anymore.
Wow, the progress looks great! The difference between day 4 and 9 is clear to see, so you should be all healed up fairly soon! Keep us informed every now and then :)
Thanks KS95! I'm getting kinda antsy just waiting around for it to heal. I don't really see it, just feel the soreness and it feels like it's not healing quick enough. I just need to be patient. =/ I'm dying to have a regular shower again.
Looks great! Very healthy and clean. Great job on the hair removal!!
Thanks Nick!