Survey about pilonidal sinus

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Hello everyone!

Let me introduce myself a little bit! My name is Hanneke and I'm a pharmacy-student from the Netherlands. I'm a member of this forum since 2008, and been active posting on this forum for about 1,5 years, because I've been a patient too with pilonidal sinus for 10 years. Since 1,5 years I'm cured. I found a lot of help on this forum, just like I noticed that there are many, many kind of treatments for a pilonidal sinus.

At this moment I'm finishing the first part of my study, the bachelor part, which means I have to write my thesis. I choose the subject "pilonidal sinus and its treatments", because next to all the surgeries, it's also important to see in what way wounds should be packed, etc.. Also for a pharmacist this is very useful, to see why patients are treated in which way.

Like I said before: I noticed the many kinds of treatments currently used to cure a pilonidal sinus, and I'd like to know which of the treatments are used mostly. That's why I made a survey for patients, so that I can make a review of the used treatments and compare it with what's written in the literature. I also made a survey for Dutch patients, because I'm also curious for differences in treatments all over the world.

My question for all of you is:

Can you please help me by filling in this survey? I made an English survey (forgive me if there are small mistakes in the questions.....)... and you can fill it in online. It contains some general questions about the current used treatments and will take 5-10 minutes of your time.

The link to the survey is:

You'll help me a lot with completing the survey!

If you've got any questions, just send me a message or a reply on this forum!
Thanks for helping!!



Very Helpful
i will fill out your survey...and encourage all other members to do so also. The more information the medical personnel can gather about this disease, the better they can understand it and help ease the suffering this disease causes.
Thank you so much, Jaredsmom! That's exactly the reason why I choose this subject for my thesis :)
Thanks a lot kslundy! :)

There are many replies already (about 60 times filled in!!!) , thanks everyone for all the help with filling in the survey!! It's really helping me, gives me a good view of the general used methods!
I started with the literature-review a few weeks ago, although it's quite hard for me (reading English medical journals.. as a Dutch pharmacystudent), I like it too! :)

More replies are still welcome
Just a small remember-message .... I'll keep the survey online for about 2 more weeks.. before I'm going to analyze the results! Thanks for everyone already ('cause that are really a lot!!) who helped me by filling in the survey... :)
If you didn't do it yet.. please, help me to get more results.. you'll help me a lot with it for my thesis!

Thanks a lot!!
Thanks everyone!!!

The survey has been online for 3 months now.. and I really really really like to thank you all for filling it in!

I just put the survey offline and..... In the end 93 people filled in the last version of the survey, and 30 people the first survey, which I didn't expect at all! Also the Dutch version has been filled in many times... :) That means I've got lots of result to publish in my thesis!

I've been writing a lot the past weeks for my thesis and all goes quite well.. the treatments are written.. now Im at the antibiotics-part :) and of course.. the results of the survey!

Again.. thanks a lot everyone!! :)


p.s.. if you've got any questions or whatever.... my email address is:
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