Tips to ease inflammation and pain? (And a history of my cyst...)


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Hi there. I just recently joined these forums after coming across the website while researching topics about polinidal cysts. If you all don’t mind, I’ll give a quick background to my whole issue. (If you are not interested, feel free to skip through it).

I am currently only 17 years old. I’ve been dealing with my cyst since I was 10. From what I can guess, as I haven’t been told a reason why I have this cyst on my back aside from a pesky ingrown hair, it formed because I slipped and fell flat on my tailbone around the age of 6. I remember being in a lot of pain, and now that I think about it I think I may have sprained the tailbone. However, at the time no one thought much of it- I just iced it and went along with my life. (This is just a guess for the cause; I believe possibly the injury just caused some sort of health issue or trauma at the top of my behind... if anyone knows if me falling has any cause for this cyst, please let me know).
I first started dealing with my cyst in the summer of 2010. I realized I had a bump under my skin right at the top of my butt. A few weeks later, and I was able to confirm that it was a cyst (or moreso my mother was... the poor woman had to- and still has to, help me with this issue). The cyst had popped and began to drain, and every night my mother would drain the cyst using a warm cloth and tissues. She would patch it with gauze a few times a day, and I was sure to wash the area with lukewarm water when I showered. I think I dealed with the draining for a week before it began to die down. The cyst went away for a while after that. It would still drain, only in small amounts, so I attended school with a stack of gauze and cloth covering my behind. I recall it coming back only once, perhaps 2 years after the first drainage. It once again popped and we went through the draining process. However, this time it was less painful and it lasted a shorter time as there wasn’t as much to drain.
After that, 3 years passed with no problems. No pain, no inflammation, no draining. However, the lump was still there.
In 2015, the cyst began to flare up. It would not drain (and has not drained since 2012), but would just become inflammed and painful. No head would form, and in all honesty I was in no rush to form one, so I could never drain it. (I realize this isn’t a wise thing to do- if anything I should be attempting to drain it as much as possible). So, maybe 3 times a year it would flare up. It wasn’t too big of a concern as it would merely hurt for a week or two, and then disappear without any more pain or inflammation. I finally got around to seeing my doctor in 2016 about the issue, since it was beginning to affect my daily life (I missed a week or two of school when it flared up because I just could not sit in a chair without pain or discomfort). This is when I learned that I have a polinidal cyst. My doctor informed me that the only thing I could really do about this was either get it drained by him (or drain it at home- though he noted that it would be much wiser to see him), get a surgery, or take antibiotics to help inflammation. I went home deciding to do none of the above. The cyst was not causing a big enough disruption for me to go through surgery as well as the healing process.
Another few months and I return to my doctor, telling him I wanted to get antibiotics for my cyst. He then referred me to a surgeon, who would prescribe anti biotics and take a look at my cyst. I saw the surgeon, went home with antibiotics, and was unaffected by my cyst for a few months before it would decide to flare up. Once again, no drainage. Just a week or two of discomfort / pain, and it’d go away like nothing ever happened.
Just 2 months ago, around November 2017, my cyst flared up like usual. I took my antibiotics for the first time, and it seemed to help calm the cyst in about a week- quicker than if I had let the cyst be on it’s own like I used to. However, only 2 months later my cyst is flaring up again. It seems to be more painful now than the last few times, and I’m kind of concerned about it because it never ever flares up this close together in time. I have been debating on visiting the doctors and having him drain it (from what I understand, he would numb the area and cut open the area and drain it) or go through with surgery, however from what I’ve read I understand that it can take about 4 weeks to heal (and from what my doctor said, it’s hard to heal in general due to where it is- such an inconvenient spot). I’ve also read that some surgeries only worked temporarily, and some people have had their polinidal cyst come back. At this point in time, a surgery or drainage from my doctor would not be in my best interest... I’m in my last year of high school and can’t really afford missing 4 weeks of school (I fear that I may end up failing classes... and therefore would not have enough credits to graduate). All in all the surgery idea just isn’t the best for this point in my life, but I’m willing to go through with it at a more convenient time. For now, though, I will take my pills and try to ease the inflammation.
I apologize for the long story, but since this was my first time posting on this website I figured it’d be decent to give any curious people a background.

I am mainly asking anyone for any tips to ease the pain and inflammation of my cyst. I’m willing to try any home and/or natural remedies, anything that has helped any of you. The cyst will most likely decide to disappear again shortly, as I will begin taking my antibiotics tomorrow. I am kind of concerned it might decide to drain this time, due to the unusual discomfort and timing, but I understand I should not stop it from draining and do not intend to. No matter how inconvenient a time (as exams are just around the corner), I just want this cyst to back off for a while. If it decides to drain, I think I will head to my doctor and let him handle it (and I hope he is able to numb the skin around the area, because the process of having it drained hurts like hell for me).

Again, I apologize for the long post. I also hope I am posting in the correct forum... please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you all.

* I wish to note my father had the exact same issue. My memory is foggy, but from what I recall he had the doctor perform the incision and drain the cyst. My father had it packed every single day afterwards until it healed. To my knowlege, his has been gone ever since (which has been about 14 years now). I am blessed with very thick hair, and I am always seeming to get ingrown hairs. Just my luck. I expect that those factors may have a part in my polinidal cyst, but I am new to this whole issue so I’m not deeply educated. I’ve never really done research up until recently. I am slowly learning and I am glad to have found this forum; you all seem like wonderful supportive people and it seems like a nice community where I can feel comfortable talking about this embarassing issue.