Update 3 weeks on negative pressure dressings


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so I started my pico 7 dressings negative pressure 3 weeks ago, be coming up to week 4 soon.
I was with the nurse's at the gp surgery getting it packed with aquacel and sorbsan from April to end of june the wound kept going backwards no end of infections and aquacel doesn't work well on these type of wounds or at least doesn't work well on me.

So I started pico 7 dressings private at spire and my infections is gone my 2cm wound is shrinking the wound is looking really good pain is less each new day.

The healing process is still taking it's time but I believe I'm on the road to recovery as stated in my other posts I will see miss senapati for cleft lift if this wound does not heal fully or reopens a 4th time.

However senapati in London is not seeing any patients right now and Portsmouth are only accepting patients at spire in Portsmouth from August 2020.

I believe pico dressings are great as a temporary solution but ultimately if it fails cleft lift is the only way to go.