Update - this afternoon new surgery :(

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Hey everyone!

It's a long time since my last post. And unfortunately I don't have a too positive post at the moment...

A few weeks ago I wrote in an update that the wound didn't get a lot closer, but also that I had bleedings every 2-3 days. This became more frequently, and 1,5 week ago I had bleedings everyday for 8 days behind each other. That was for me a point to decide to go earlier to my plastic surgeon, so 3 days later I was on visit in hospital.

My plastic surgeon was a bit amazed: the wound looked great, no infections at all, well bleeded, but it hasn't become smaller a lot.... :( She also still can't explain where the bleedings come from. The question was a bit: what to do now?!! Despite the woundvac making the wound smaller, it still doesn't want to heal for the last part... :eek:

So, to help the wound a bit with closing, she decided to do a small skin-transplantation surgery, where she'll take a small part skin of my upperleg, which she'll place over the wound. This prevents the wound (a bit) from eventually infections, and will make the wound heal a bit faster (at least: that's the plan :p). With a quicker healed wound, I'll be able to get my laser-hair-removal a bit faster, because until the hairs aren't lasered away, the chance for new ingrowing hair is big.

I'll travel to the hospital in about 5 hours, and then i'll get the skin transplantation (which will take about 30 min's). After that I can go to home directly, because it will be done with a local anesthesia. I'm nervous......... :( I hope it will be OK all this time... it's my 10th surgery... and I'm really really done with this whole thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll post a message after the surgery how all went.. :)

What I was curious about: has anyone else experiences with these kind of skin transplantations? Can you sit with it?

x Hanneke


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Hey Hanneke, i've not had this done just wanted to say good luck I hope it goes well, you really deserve to be rid of this thing for good.

Looking forward to your update :)
Hello :)

Last Thursday I've had my 10th surgery for the pilonidal things. It was a skin transplantation this time, and hopefully my last surgery!?!! I got this surgery because the wound didn't want to close by itself, since I was released from the woundVAC (february)

They removed a piece of skin from my upperleg, which they placed over the wound. This became stitched and with some protecting stuff above it, to protect it from moving. Hopefully this will help to let the wound heal well and letting it be closed. . .

When the wound will be fully healed, I have to go for a laser-threatment to remove the hairs in the area of the wound... which hopefully will protecting for new cysts.... until the laser threatment it's exciting: will there be a new cyst forming, will the wound heal etc..? This makes me nervous.. :(

Next Wednesday the stitches will be removed. Until then I'm not allowed to sit, because the stithes can break then.. and the skin piece can be moved.

The wound on my leg is awful.. and gives me a lot of pain. it's burning all day long, especially with walking. Only with laying on bed (which i do all day now), it's bearable. I change the gauzes 2x a day.. which is horrible: the gauzes stitch to the wound, and when I try to pull it off.. the wound opens again and starts bleeding a bit, even when the gauze is soaked/wet it doesn't go off. Painful.. :( Also there comes a strange brown/green-like moisture out of it..... is that normal for such a transplant wound?

Anyway.. I hope the pain on my leg will get less soon. Fortunately I almost don't have any pain with the wound on my cheeks, I'm glad about that.

I hope it won't hurt too much when the stitches will be released next Wednesday! I'll post a mssg how all went.

x Hanneke


oh henneke, my heart just breaks for you. i wish we all had some great thing to say to u but for me i'm speechless and just feel aweful. i'm gonna really be wishing some really good luck. 10 surgerys is 9 too many and u deserve to lead a normal life.[o+o][o+o]
Doing quite well!

Thanks for the sweet reply, Cricket![o+o]

The wound is doing quite well at the moment!! [:8)] Wound on my leg is almost completely healed, this morning the "crust" of the wound fell off... and now it looks wonderful!

Also the other wound seems to be healing, the skin is already growing a bit towards the tissue around the wound, so that's good.
The wound which has been covered is still a hole, covered with skin... now we got to see if the tissue underneath the skin will grow upwarths, or that it will be at this depth.......
One problem is that I got new bleedings since last Sunday. Sunday a huge one, Monday a bit smaller (this day they also removed the stitches), and last days just small bleedings which weren't too worse.. :) They don't know where the bleedings come from, but since the wound is still healing well, it seems to be not such a big problem......... so let's just put fingers crossed that it's all OK.

Next Monday I got to go to hospital again for a check-up!
x Hanneke


i'm really happy for you that things seem to be going well.

i'm very concerned about your bleedings. obviosly the doctors must be checking for underlying causes for this? i was having troubles with bleedings for awhile and i litteraly had veins that wouldn't clot but otherwise needed to be hand cauterized off so they would stop.

have u ever had trouble4 bleeding with other injuries or just with this?
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