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I've been meaning to post an update of the 'mysterious' butt problem that I've been experiencing for a while.

I kind of 'gave' up on the c/r surgeon (female) that I had been dealing with. For starters, I could never get a quick appointment; also, the office gal always was having me see the surgeon's nurse, not the Doctor herself.

Well, I had a physical performed by my family doctor in December, and I reminded her that I still had my butt problem, per se, and she referred me to another [board-certified] colorectal surgeon in the city. I figured that this was my 'last shot' at getting another qualified person (in the butt industry; LOL) to try to help me with my problem.

The doctor must've used one of those scopes (starts with an 's'; cannot spell it offhand) to look inside the area. He noted an internal hemorrhoid, which I knew that I had but had never really been 'told' face to face about.

No fissures at this time, which is good news (one was found on 11/6/03 by the other c/r surgeon). Taken care of with Neomycin rectal suppositories.

Well, this doctor, a male, seems to think that the muscle is experiencing spasms. He prescribed a rectal suppository to be used twice daily, but I, unfortunately, don't know the name of it. It's not printed on the prescription bottles. BTW, these suppositories have to be kept in the fridge. Look at it like this: Frosty the Snowman, for example...if he melts, he 'aint' no good! hee hee

Well, I've not been using them every single day, and I still notice these spasms, but I think they're helping. They contain Lidocaine, which is used in numbing things.

I'm to follow up with him in 5-6 weeks after my appt; have not made a follow up yet cause my spouse recently became unemployed.

This doctor said he wouldn't charge me as much at the follow-up visit.

On a heavier note regarding butt problems, my husband just informed me this morning that he's been experiencing rectal bleeding after having BMs. I am ADAMANT that he's going to get this checked out, and he's going to see the colorectal surgeon that I'm now dealing with.

There is a history of colon cancer on my side of the family, too. My mom has diverticulitis; my husband's grandfather had that, too. So, as you can see, there is a myriad of rectal 'activity,' if you will, on both sides of our family, so I am not taking chances.

I will have a colonoscopy when I'm 40, for sure but may even get one before 40.

I will post back after I get my spouse to the doctor's (hopefully this upcoming week). I made it imperative to him that it HAS to be checked out, and QUICKLY.


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