Vitamin E? NoBump? Mederma? Maintenance questions

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My wound is very close to being completely closed up. There is just one small open area within the crack. I still clean it out every day with saline.

I want to start maintenance of the area and the scar as soon as possible, because I want to make sure the skin heals well. And I also don't want any ingrown hairs making trouble back there. [}:)] So, I have some questions for anyone who has at least made it this far in the healing process. Feel free to answer any of these you can!

1. Have you used Vitamin E on the scar? What help does it give, if any? How soon can you start using it?

2. If you used Mederma or any type of scar-reducing cream, when did you start? Can part of the wound still be open, or not?

3. How about shaving - would it be better to wait until the last small open spot (hidden from normal view) is closed before doing this?

4. NoBump RX? Can I use this on the upper scarred area or again wait for the whole thing to close?

I guess my overarching question is whether I need to wait for the small spot to close before beginning the maintenance rituals! ;) Thanks for the help.
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