Where do you go to get lanced?

Momo Baggins

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Hey all,

Dealing with my second major flare up. First occurrence was in 2017, it escalated quickly and I had to go to the ER to get it lanced. It was a pretty bad experience.

Tomorrow I have an appt with the ONLY local "pilonidal specialist" I could find (I put that in quotes because I believe she still favors excision surgery and therefore is assumed to be out of date on current, better procedures) and I'm pretty sure I will need her to lance it. I'm happy that it will be in a much more private and calm environment, but also nervous about her expertise.

Where do you all typically go when you need to have yours lanced? What have your experiences been like with pilonidal/colorectal specialists doing it in-office?

Thanks in advance! I'm so grateful for this community.