Will I be able to dance and walk at my wedding in 2 months???

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so I’m new to this forum, I have been having the hardest time finding any information about wound packing FAQs, what’s normal, what’s to be expected, etc. I had a septic MRSA infection in my leg and had it surgically removed at my knee. I have a 3cm by 4cm wound that’s 5cm deep that I’m packing daily. I’m still using a walker to walk since the trauma to my leg from the infection and surgery inhibited my mobility so much. The wound exposes my kneecap and I can move my leg a bit more now but it’s excruciating and feels like my tendons are coming out of the hole when I flex my thigh at all. My surgeon told me not to use the walker anymore so I walked around the house for a day without it and the wound started bleeding a lot more and has been more painful since. Is this normal with over exertion? How long will this take to heal?? It’s already shrunk about .5 cm by .5 cm in the 2 weeks since the surgery and I used to have to pack all the way around, now it’s only about 1/3 of the wound’s side... I’m 29 and in good shape. I’m just concerned because I’m supposed to get married in 2 months and want to know if I’ll be healed by then??? Help! Thank you.

https://ibb.co/f9smtR Pic 2 days after surgery (almost 2 weeks ago)
https://ibb.co/bBoRtR Pic of my wound as of this week ( 2 days ago)